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English for Civil Engineers


November 7, 2022

Communicating effectively with clients and superiors is an everyday part of a Civil Engineer’s career. English for Civil Engineers is a course designed to help you enrich your communication skills and avoid grammatical errors, thereby creating a positive impact in your professional life.

About Course

This 36-hour course helps you learn the basics of English language and understand the theory of “essentials for communication”. It will enhance your linguistic competence and fluency both in spoken and written forms of communication. By practicing sentences in various tenses, you can leave this course feeling confident about your grasp of tenses, both in active and passive forms. The course covers several sentence patterns which you can use to effectively express yourself, including 16 active forms, 12 passive forms, and 8 degrees of sentence patterns. The curriculum is explained in an easy to understand manner so that you may even teach the same things to your juniors or your family.

The course is for:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Technical Draftsmen
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Freshers/Interns

Course Structure:

36 Hours – 1 hour every day & 3 hours every Saturday


  • Participants are expected to be sincere enough to themselves and the teacher during the course, as it is very important to remember basics.

Material Includes

  • Notes of everyday lecture

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