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  • What is Precast Concrete construction? 

    Precast Concrete construction is a cost-effective method of erecting buildings on the job site using factory-made components like columns, beams, and walls, which are transported to the site via trucks and erected with cranes.

  • What is Structural Steel construction?

    Structural Steel construction is conceptually similar to Precast Concrete construction but uses steel components like columns and beams instead of Precast Concrete components.

  • What is Tekla?
  • What is Tekla Structures software?

    Tekla Structures is the most advanced structural BIM software. It lets you create, combine, manage, and share multi-material 3D models packed with valuable construction information. You can use Tekla Structures throughout the project, from buildings and infrastructure conceptual planning to fabrication, construction and maintenance, for design, detailing and information management.

  • What is Tekla Structural Designer software?

    Tekla Structural Designer is an integrated design & analysis software regardless of structural material. It supports Indian, Eurocodes, US, and Australian codes and British Standards. One single model will cover all your structural analysis and design requirements, encompassing both gravity and lateral systems.

  • What is Tekla Tedds software?

    Tekla Tedds is a structural analysis software which reduces repetitive hand calculations and offers dependable multi-material element design. Example: Wind loading (EN1991)

  • Will Tekla be used in place of AutoCAD in the future?

    The construction industry has progressed from hand drafting to 2D Computer Aided Drafting (CAD). Today, 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) is being adopted more and more because of its ease of use, speed, and clash detection capabilities. More than 50% of projects in the US have shifted to Tekla and other BIM software. 2D CAD will not go away completely, but being skilled in Tekla will make young professionals industry-ready.

  • What are the job opportunities after getting trained in Tekla?

    The global civil industry is steadily moving towards BIM software and Tekla is the leading software used. Being skilled in Tekla opens up job opportunities in design firms all over the world. MNCs, Steel Fabricators, and Precast Concrete factories routinely hire high caliber Tekla modelers and detailers.

  • Do you offer placement after completing Tekla training?

    We may consider absorbing PPS Centre of Excellence students in one of our group companies as a Precast Tekla modeler/detailer. This will be completely dependent on performance and vacancies. We also have paid internships available at times for those trained in Tekla. Please check with the office at 020 67512222 between 10 AM and 4PM

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